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The firm is based in Northampton and was established in 1908 by J.H.Woodford-Robinson who amalgamated in the late 1950's with Williams & Co and practiced as Woodford-Robinson and Williams & Co until the late 1980's when the firm reverted to its original name.

We have always been committed to offering a general legal service to our clients and offer both privately and publicly funded legal services. We hold a Legal Aid contract in Family Law.

A recent development occurred on 1st June 2007 when the practice of Frank Jones and Harley, formerly practicing from 87 St Giles Street, was incorporated with this firm. Frank Jones & Harley has been in existence in Northampton for around fifty years.

We believe firmly in fairness and justice for all and we are committed to seeking the best outcomes for our clients. In 2008 the firm celebrated its centenary year. The firm continues to grow and serves an ever increasing number of clients.

The firm is proud to have been included in the two leading national guides to the Legal Professions, namely The Legal 500 and The Chambers Guide to the Legal Profession.

Woodford-Robinson Solicitors is a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP).


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